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Art and Architectural Drafting Supplies

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  • Reynolds Advanced Materials
  • Sam Flax Art & Design Store

  • Art and Architectural Drafting Supplies

    Reynolds Advanced Materials

    Nelson Burke, Sarah Mueller, Benji Dove
    Atlanta, GA 30354

    Carving foam, pour foam, hot wire tools, casting plastic, RTV rubber, foam adhesives. CA. EPS blocks. Convenient Atlanta location open Mon-Sat. We deliver.

    Zombieland; The Three Stooges; The Vampire Diaries; The Walking Dead; Teen Wolf; The Watch; Coma; The Hunger Games: Catching Fire; The Hunger Games: Mockingjay; Furious 7. Additional credits available upon request.

    Tel: (404) 685-8804
    Fax: (404) 888-9404
    Cell: (470) 588-4050
    Email: sales@theengineerguy.com
    Web: www.reynoldsam.com/atlanta/
    Check Out My Web Site

    Art and Architectural Drafting Supplies

    Sam Flax Art & Design Store

    Ray Ransom, Ronda Middlebrooks, Sophia Bowman, Owner
    Atlanta, GA 30318

    Seamless background paper, fine art supplies, gator board, foam core, mat board, architecture & drafting supplies & furniture, tapes & adhesives, mounting supplies, exotic papers.

    The Three Stooges; The Change Up; Single Ladies; Necessary Roughness; The Blind Side; The Vampire Diaries; For Colored Girls; House of Payne; The Odd Life of Timothy Green; Fast Five.

    Tel: (404) 352-7200
    Fax: (404) 350-9728
    Tel: (800) 726-3529
    Email: rransom@flaxatl.com
    Web: www.samflaxatlanta.com
    Check Out My Web Site

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