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Electrical and Electronics Suppliers

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  • Wizard Electronics, Inc.

  • Electrical and Electronics Suppliers

    Wizard Electronics, Inc.

    Cole Harrison, Owner
    Atlanta, GA 30309

    We have a sister division, Ack Electronics, that is an electronics supplier for all things audio, video, RF, data, ham radio, vintage electronics & much more.

    The Allman Brothers Band; Marshall Tucker; Derek Trucks Band; Paul McCartney; The Little River Band; James Taylor; Emory Gordy Jr; Pattie Loveless; Marvin Gay; The Isley Brothers. Additional credits available upon request.

    Tel: (404) 325-4891
    Tel: (800) 274-8863
    Fax: (404) 351-1879
    Email: repairs@wizardelectronics.com
    Web: www.wizardelectronics.com
    Check Out My Web Site

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