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2022 Georgia Film, Television & Entertainment Sourcebook

Talent Agency - Animal Talent

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  • Amazing Animals by Samantha
  • Animal Actors
  • Animal Casting - Atlanta
  • Ark Wranglers
  • Atlanta's Universal Animals
  • Berens’ Animals of Distinction
  • Georgia Animal Actors
  • Graymatter Animals
  • Rafter H Development
  • STAR K9, LLC
  • Top Dog Talent Agency LLC

  • Talent Agency - Animal Talent

    Amazing Animals by Samantha

    Samantha Martin, Charmaine Freemonk
    Brooks, GA 30205

    Over 25 yrs of experience working with & training animals. All of the animals are professional animal actors. Fully licensed, insured, & USDA approved animal talent agency.

    Walmart; PETCO; PetSmart; Megadeth (music video); MTV; Animal Planet; New Line Cinema; The Tonight Show; Discovery Channel; National Geographic. Additional credits available upon request.

    Tel: (773) 549-3357
    Cell: (419) 603-3109
    Email: info@amazinganimals.biz
    Web: www.amazinganimals.biz
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    Talent Agency - Animal Talent

    Animal Actors

    Gloria Winship, Owner, Head Trainer, Shane Ayon
    Alpharetta, GA 30022

    35 years set experience specializing in professional animal actors, trainers/wranglers for productions. Dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, exotic animals. Call us first!

    Dr. Dolittle 3 (pigs, horses); Will & Grace (dogs, rats ); Shark Tank (mule, puppies); Dr. Strange (dogs, puppies); Secret Life of Pets (dogs for advertising); Jeepers Creepers (rats, crows, dogs, cats); Little Big Shots (3 seasons NBC, kangaroo, rabbits, frogs, iguana, mini horse, chickens, turtle, alligator, dogs); 8 Lady Gaga Music Videos (dogs, horses, cat); Beyoncé (dogs); Bruno Mars (black panthers). Additional credits available upon request.

    Tel: (877) 609-1687
    Tel: (951) 609-1687
    Cell: (323) 533-7729
    Email: animalagency@msn.com
    Web: www.animalactors2.com
    Check Out My Web Site

    Talent Agency - Animal Talent

    Animal Casting - Atlanta

    Greg Tresan, Trainer/Handler, Carol Lane Tresan, Trainer/Handler
    Ball Ground, GA 30107

    Performance dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, exotics & wide variety of horse-drawn carriages. Over 20 years professional wrangling experience for film, TV, print & music videos.

    The Walking Dead (seasons 1-5); The Hunger Games: Catching Fire; The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Parts 1&2; Insurgent; Prisoners; Dumb and Dumber To; Identity Thief; The Three Stooges; Zombieland; Lawless. Additional credits available upon request.

    Tel: (404) 786-6400
    Tel: (404) 782-4232
    Email: dogworks@aol.com
    Web: www.animalcastingatlanta.com
    Check Out My Web Site

    Talent Agency - Animal Talent

    Ark Wranglers

    Jeff Gray, Jodi Gray
    Hartwell, GA 30643

    Exotics since 1983. Fully insured. Camels, zebras, lemurs, monkeys, kangaroos, yak, exotic cows, mini horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, parrots, fox, raccoon, skunk, deer, small exotics.

    Acrimony (film); Juicy Drop Candy (commercial); Zaxby's (commercial); The Zac Brown Band (music video); The Originals (TV); The Vampire Diaries (TV); County Line (film); Shaq Inc. (TV); North Carolina Lottery (commercial); Nailed (film). Additional credits available upon request.

    Cell: (706) 717-1531
    Email: arkwranglers@yahoo.com
    Web: www.arkwranglers.com
    Check Out My Web Site

    Talent Agency - Animal Talent

    Atlanta's Universal Animals

    Jamie Stimach, Coordinator, Jim Stimach, Coordinator
    Atlanta, GA 30263

    We cast & book all domestics & exotics for feature films, TV series, commercials, print. Provide snake wrangling/removal. Animal welfare & safety is #1 priority. Valid USDA License.

    Greenland; Charming the Hearts of Men; El Tonto; Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings; Greener Grass; The Front Runner; The Outsider (HBO); The Resident; Teenage Bounty Hunters; Cipher (SyFy). Additional credits available upon request.

    Tel: (404) 408-6244
    Email: universalanimalsllc@gmail.com
    Web: www.universalanimals.com
    Check Out My Web Site

    Talent Agency - Animal Talent

    Berens’ Animals of Distinction

    Steve Berens, Head Animal Trainer/Coordinator
    Griffin, GA 30223

    35+ years experience perfecting the art of animal training for the film, tv, commercial & live show industry. Providing animals of all kinds, coordinating, budgeting & script breakdowns.

    Stargirl; Legacies; The House With A Clock In Its Walls; Stranger Things; American Made; I Am Legend; The Mask; Blended; Black Lightning; Irresistable. Additional credits available upon request.

    Tel: (404) 991-4883
    Tel: (661) 733-6095
    Email: berensanimals@gmail.com
    Web: www.berensanimals.com
    Check Out My Web Site

    Talent Agency - Animal Talent

    Georgia Animal Actors

    Greg Smithaldridge, Hope Bennett, Tom Bennett
    Cleveland, GA 30528

    Training centered on calm temperaments & positivity to yield amazing animals & on-screen results! Snarling wolves, amazing dogs, cats, exotic & domestic hoofstock, ravens, snakes & much more.

    War with Grampa; The Vampire Diaries; The Originals; Killerman; Adult Swim; Petsafe; Chewy.com; Capital One; Zaxby's; Guinness. Additional credits available upon request.

    Cell: (818) 723-1347
    Cell: (706) 892-9130
    Tel: (706) 348-7279
    Email: gaanimalactors@wildlifewonders.org
    Web: www.georgiaanimalactors.com
    Check Out My Web Site

    Talent Agency - Animal Talent

    Graymatter Animals

    April Gray, Eric Gray, Xavier  Van Alstyne
    Atlanta, GA

    Over 20 years of experience. We provide professionally trained domestic & exotic animals for advertising, film & TV. Snake wrangling also available. Our database streamlines the casting process. Fully insured.

    Containment; Aaron's, Inc; HLN Morning Express; Aloft Hotels; Boehringer Ingelheim; Chewy.com: Dwight in Shining Armor; The Walking Dead; Havertys. Additional credits available upon request.

    Tel: (678) 439-7250
    Email: april@graymatteranimals.com
    Web: www.graymatteranimals.com
    Check Out My Web Site

    Talent Agency - Animal Talent

    Rafter H Development

    Mark Sanchez, Cassidy Sanchez
    Gainesville, GA 30506

    Animal coordinator, animal rentals, animal trainers, animal wranglers, & can provide all necessary equipment & services. Teamsters & non union.

    Surviving the Wild; Jeepers Creepers 3; Midnight Texas; Baywatch; Jack Reacher: Never Go Back; The Disappontments Room; Re-Kill; Ant'Man; Campin' Buddies; The Maze Runner. Additional credits available upon request.

    Cell: (970) 739-3851
    Cell: (970) 394-4752
    Email: rafterhdev@gmail.com
    Web: https://pro.imdb.com/company/co0322338?s=3eb1faf6-84d9-f24c-ce2a-ef0901889faf
    Check Out My Web Site

    Talent Agency - Animal Talent

    STAR K9, LLC

    Tracy "Trace" Sargent, Lead Trainer/Wrangler
    Cedartown, GA 30125

    26 yrs experience & 120-acre ranch. Variety of animal talent including dogs, cats, horses, farm animals & exotics. Professional wranglers & trainers. Coordination, budgeting & script breakdowns available.

    Instant Family; Life of the Party; Sleepy Hollow; Krystal; True Memoirs of an International Assassin; Rachel Ray Nutrish; Jack’s; StainMaster; ADT; Mastodon (music video). Additional credits available upon request.

    Tel: (770) 722-4241
    Email: stark9@rocketmail.com
    Web: www.stark9.com
    Check Out My Web Site

    Talent Agency - Animal Talent

    Top Dog Talent Agency LLC

    Tracy Oliver
    Senoia, GA 30276

    20+ yrs experience providing the nation with the most well-known exotic & domestic animal talent for the film,felevision, commercial, music video, and live events industry. Script break-downs, ants to zebras & everything in between.

    Film: Fear Street; Get Out; The Dark Divide; Logan; Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. TV series: The Righteous Gemstones; Claws (seasons 1-2); Station 19; Atlanta (seasons 1-2); The Walking Dead. Additional credits available upon request.

    Cell: (404) 660-8506
    Cell: (310) 435-7454
    Tel: (770) 716-6500
    Email: tvtopdogs@aol.com
    Web: www.topdogtalentagency.com
    Check Out My Web Site

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